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Zhang Wenjuan (Wendy)

Year: 2006
Location: Beijing, China
Area of Advocacy: Children’s Rights
Organization: Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center

Zhang Wenjuan (Wendy) is Deputy Director of the Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center. Prior to this, she served as legal staff at the Center with a specialization in child law. Ms. Zhang's duties in this capacity included providing direct free legal service to children and their families, conducting legal research on issues relating to children's rights and participating in legislation and policy-making concerning children.  

Zhang also directs the work of the recently founded Office for Public Interest Law Research and Program Management (OPILRPM), which supports the work of the Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center, as well as the more recently formed Beijing Legal Office for Rural Migrants. She obtained her law degree in 2004 from Peking University Law School.  As a PILnet International Fellow, Zhang developed a project related to the promotion of children’s rights in China.