19 January 2011

PILnet first became engaged with Russia in 2000, when it included a Russian lawyer as an International Fellow. In the following years, PILnet published Russian-language editions of some of its English-language works, in addition to the first Russian-language report on the state of legal aid in Russia: Access to Justice and Subsidized Legal Aid, supported by extensive comparative research on various aspects of legal aid reform.

Today, PILnet supports the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Bar Chamber in designing a civil legal aid system by providing them with unsurpassed expertise and research on state legal aid programs. PILnet’s Russian Pro Bono Clearinghouse supports the non-profit sector by matching law firms with Russian NGOs in need of legal assistance and developing training opportunities. In an effort to begin building the institutional will for legal education reform, PILnet is also conducting a pioneering empirical study and initiating a public discussion about the future of the Russian legal education system.

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