Azan Marwah

Azan Marwah is a barrister in private practice. His work covers a broad spectrum of civil litigation and disputes, specializing in matters that include a cross-border, public, or administrative law element. His experience extends to work raising issues from international sale of goods, cross-border fraud, taxation, employment, and land use planning. Azan is also an accredited mediator and published expert in family and child law, advising a number of charitable organizations and representing parties before the family courts. Azan is regularly engaged to draft Private Members’ Bills. He has advised on amendments to legislation in a wide variety of areas including regulatory, environmental, criminal, child protection, and family law. He regularly advises commercial in-house counsel, as well as charitable and non-profit organisations on the legislative process. Azan is the co-founder of the Hong Kong Public Interest Law Group and the Hong Kong Public Interest Law Conference, and the founding legal adviser to Hong Kong Marriage Equality.