Registering Your Organization in a New Country

In response to urgent needs of CSOs during the invasion of Ukraine, PILnet, the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL), and DLA Piper are publishing the CSO Global Guide, a comparative table summarizing legal frameworks for registering a not-for-profit entity in various countries in Europe. This table includes the raw data and will be updated with more countries as more research is completed.

Comparative Table

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**The purpose of the comparative table is not to give legal advice, but to provide interested persons with access to informative material on CSO registration. Recognizing that CSO laws change and interpretations of local law vary, ECNL is not liable for any differences or inaccuracies.**

This comparison table is a summary of a larger database of different country profiles on legal frameworks for civil society organizations developed by PILnet, ECNL, and partners. If you have additional information to share, please contact or [email protected]. If you require further details about these or other countries, please submit a request for assistance.