Regendering Gender and Sexuality aims at transforming traditional mentality towards gender and sexuality in Hong Kong. The project intends to provide a more holistic education related to sexuality by developing an App, providing workshops at primary and secondary schools, and publishing booklets to engage with stakeholders.


  1. To institute a comprehensive curriculum which caters to the need for sexual education
  2. To provide schools with ease of access to teaching facilities, and NGO support
  3. To raise enthusiasm and interest in sexual health through screenings, discussions, competitions and media influence
  4. To furnish analyses and date to the Legislative Council with regards the need for sexual health education, and better protections for potential victims of sexual abuse, including (but not limited to) males and transgender persons.

Team members:

  • Corpus Angeline Nicole Martin, City University of Hong Kong
  • Kangara Kuterera Myrmidon Zvikomborero, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Read the full proposal here.