Stakeholder hopes to enable secondary students to make convincing arguments in social debates with other members of the community and safeguard the rule of law. They intend to achieve this through lectures on constitutional norms, principles of constitutional interpretation and tests for constitutional validity for students, and a debate competition.


  1. Fostering secondary school students’ basic legal knowledge and constitutional reasoning.
  2. Enable secondary school students to rationally connect social issues with legal knowledge.
  3. At least 75 secondary schools’ scholars can make arguments both for and against a public policy using constitutional reasoning that satisfes our assessors.
  4. Provide more opportunities for students to express their in-depth arguments on social issues by providing online/offine platforms.
  5. Promote students’ legal reasoning and opinion to the community through a wide range of channel.

Team members: 

  • Iu Kwan Yuen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Tseung Tzu Min, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Su Lifu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Read the full proposal here.