PILnet and the Core Group have announced that a new 2023 Legal Community Pledge for the 2023 Global Refugee Forum is open for signatories! This pledge is aimed to increase legal assistance for and with refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless people, and internally and other displaced people and to advance systemic change to facilitate access to rights, justice and solutions.

Learn More about the 2023 Pledge

If you are interested in joining us and challenging yourself to do more to advance access to rights, justice and solutions for refugees, then please sign on to the 2023 GRF Legal Community Pledge and developing your own organizational pledge:

  1. Review the Pledging Guidance for further information and examples of potential organizational pledges. 
  2. Download the draft template of the pledging form to help you draft your pledge. 
  3. Sign up to the 2023 Pledge and share your organizational pledge with us using this form. 

We will launch the Pledge at the GRF in Geneva on December 13 – 15. While we will keep the pledge open for signature after the GRF, only those that sign up by December 4 will be listed as a signatory at its launch. We encourage you to start developing your pledge now!

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