About the Project

Be EnGayged is a group of law students from HKU. Their project has been made possible through a seed grant awarded by PILnet, with WYNG Foundation”s support. The project aims to empower the LGBT+ Community in HK and advocate general rights of sexual minorities in Hong Kong. It addresses three major problems: discrimination, lack of knowledge of homosexual rights and gaps in Hong Kong Legislation. Be EnGayged is divided in three phases: (1) a website comprises of (i) a judicial development corner and (ii) a legal blog; and (2) Employer Survey.



Employers – Engagement in the Workplace

Employment engagement is a two-stage process:

  1. To encourage employers to recognize diversity in the workplace.
  2. To urge employers to provide a more inclusive working environment for homosexual employees.

Employees – Self-Empowerment

  1. To inform 40 homosexuals of employment rights that they are legally entitled to so that they are empowered to voice out when facing unfair or discriminatory treatment in the workplace.
  2. To provide non-legal channels for employees to pursue when facing discriminatory treatments in the workplace, for example, referring employees to appropriate sources of advice on communicating with colleagues or seniors in increasing inclusiveness and reducing discrimination in the workplace.


Team members: 

  • Chan Wing Hei
  • Cheng Lok Yu
  • Li Ka Hang
  • Yeung Cheuk Wa
  • Yu Sheung Him



  1. Website
    They have created a website with both Chinese and English versions. Their main content includes(i) a judicial development corner; and (ii) blogs.
    See here
  2. Promotion
    They have been promoting their work through Facebook page and Instagram.
  3. Showcase their project at 2020 PILnet Virtual Global Forum
  4. Mooting Competition They are organizing a mooting competition in August 2021, which serves as a platform for students from different law schools come together and conduct intellectually fruitful exchange on LGBT+ rights-related legal issues.


To learn more about their projects, you may contact Be EnGayged