Working on law reform activities.

Since March 2020, DLA Piper lawyers from offices in Europe and England, along with their relationship firms in Ethiopia and Kenya, have been advising the Ethiopian Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission (EEFCCC). The EEFCCC is a Federal Executive Organ of the State of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. One of the aims of the EEFCCC is to build a climate resilient green economy by 2025 by ensuring sustainable environment and forest management, development and utilisation.

The EEFCCC is mandated to formulate strategies, policies, laws and standards as well as procedures in regard to the environment. Upon approval of these policies and laws, EEFCCC then monitors and enforces their implementation. DLA Piper lawyers are assisting EEFCCC with legislation and the establishment of the Environmental Tribunal for Ethiopia. This will improve access to justice and enhance enforcement of international and domestic environmental laws, policies and principles.