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Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) has been a strategic pro bono partner of Hall & Wilcox for the past decade. Based at Cape Otway, Victoria, Australia, CEC’s purpose is to generate knowledge to nurture the country. The organisation conducts leading conservation work and ecological research in the Great Otway National Park. In 2018, CEC embarked on an ambitious new ecotourism project, Wildlife Wonders, at Apollo Bay. Wildlife Wonders officially opened to the public in March 2020 and offers a world-class nature-based experience to visitors to the Great Ocean Road.  Hall & Wilcox has advised on all legal aspects from the inception of the Wildlife Wonders concept.

CEC Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Lizzie Corke OAM, commented that ‘Hall & Wilcox has taken the time to develop a deep understanding of our organisation which has proved invaluable to our development. Their team has provided fabulous support as we have worked to deliver Wildlife Wonders. This project has required considerable negotiation with a range of project partners and their advisors and provided us with some insight into the way in which other professional services firms operate. Hall & Wilcox has invariably offered great expertise, delivered quickly, and taken a thoughtful, problem-solving approach which has strengthened our partnerships across a range of sectors and contributed significantly to the project’s success.’