Running strategic climate litigation.

Providing community legal education.

Providing legal assistance to communities particularly affected by the climate crisis.

Delivering training to community lawyers.

IPHR created practical and tailored training modules on the domestic legal regimes and judicial remedies relevant to environmental matters in respective countries where IPHR operates, including Uzbekistan.

These modules are administered to a carefully selected cohort of local lawyers and environmental human rights defenders from Uzbekistan. Dentons’ team from Uzbekistan assisted IPHR in gathering the legal material relating to environmental issues in order to enable lawyers and environmental rights defenders to:

-Identify litigation entry points at the national and local levels.

-Increase the success rate of these litigation applications.

-Trigger creative and innovative legal actions on behalf of the environmental justice movement.

-Improve legal actions’ ability to prevent hazardous activities from occurring, compensate environmental damages, and/or redress environmental human rights violations.

IPHR received assistance to make this online training which looks into domestic criminal, civil, administrative and constitutional law dimensions and identifies legal action opportunities to challenge legislation/practices that violate environmental standards and affect the lives/livelihoods of the local population in Uzbekistan.

As part of its Human Rights Impact Hub, IPHR will support its trainees in their impact-driven initiatives and legal actions to apply their newly acquired legal knowledge and promote environmental justice.