Hong Kong.

Providing legal advice, information and advocacy to those fighting climate change.

The Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law is an interdisciplinary and experiential programme that enables and supports undergraduate students to co-design law, regulatory and policy research with under-resourced organisations. As part of our LITE Lab 2020/21 cohort, law student Kelvin Lam Ho Yin, under the supervision of Irene Lee, co-chair of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong’s Regtech Committee and UBS’s Compliance & Operational Risk Control Director, co-designed a white paper on regtech and green finance. To assist corporates and financial service and tech companies (as well as policymakers) better understand emerging regulations and trends, our LITE Lab student conducted independent research and interviewed professionals in banking, technology and sustainability, focussing on how regtech can be applied to green finance. The White Paper outlines how automation tools can assist businesses report and disclose their climate-related data (e.g., pollution emissions, energy consumption), while computer algorithms allow statistical modelling (e.g., sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis) for active management of climate risks. The FinTech Association of Hong Kong is so pleased with the LITE Lab student’s White Paper that has been published to better assist businesses and policymakers grow regtech in green finance and help make our world more sustainable for future generations.