Running strategic climate litigation.

Working on law reform activities.

Giving legal support to NGOs and developing country delegations in international climate change negotiations.

Delivering training to negotiators and policymakers.

Legal Response International (LRI) is a UK based charity that provides pro bono legal support, through a global network of expert lawyers, to low income developing countries at the United Nations climate negotiations and with the development of climate related laws and policies. It also works to strengthen the legal capacity of delegates and policymakers from those countries. Its collaboration with Papua New Guinea (PNG) illustrates some of the long-lasting relationships it has built and the full range of services it offers. This started in 2014 with Mr. Ruel Yamuna, now managing director of the Climate Change and Development Authority in PNG, attending an LRI workshop to train lawyers on public international law and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change regime. Since then and to this day, LRI has been providing ad hoc legal assistance to the PNG delegation at the UN climate talks on a regular basis. It has also assisted with the development of the national Climate Change (Management) Act 2015, by first reviewing the draft Bill in 2014, then reviewing the 2015 Act for its compliance with the Paris Agreement, and again in 2020 to advise on amendments to be made to accommodate the Green Climate Fund’s support process. Commenting on LRI’s initial review of the Bill, John Pundari, Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change said: “It helped improve the overall structure of the Bill … As a result it was easier to get the Bill through the legislative process …”.