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Feraliser Ltd is an innovative new social enterprise established to meet the challenge of feral pigs in Northern Australia. Developed by White Box Enterprises, Kalan Enterprises and the Traditional Owners in the Coen sub-region in Cape York and partnering with CSIRO, Feraliser converts feral pigs into a liquid fertiliser/bio stimulant for crops. Feral animals, and feral pigs especially, are a major environmental problem in Cape York, and coupled with most fruit and vegetables being imported into the Cape due to poor soils, Feraliser is looking to solve both of these challenges by utilising Indigenous land management skills. Through establishing an underlying industry to generate employment, training and career pathways, Feraliser has a dual social impact of creating improved employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians in Cape York and other remote parts of Northern Australia.

MinterEllison has been assisting Feraliser with its establishment as a registered charity with deductible gift recipient endorsement and governance polices. Senior Associate at MinterEllison, Natalie Bentley, is assisting to provide further governance and operational support in its start-up phase.