Offering commercial legal advice to not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises.

Soft Landing is a national social enterprise operated by Community Resources that operates a product stewardship program. The program diverts mattresses from landfill and recovers the recyclable components, whilst employing people from disadvantaged cohorts – thus combining product stewardship and circular economy principles with supported employment pathways for vulnerable cohorts. MinterEllison has assisted Soft Landing over the years on a raft of matters, including unwinding of a joint venture with a commercial recycling organisation, dispute resolution, employment and property matters and assistance with development and certification of product stewardship programs.

MinterEllison’s Keith Rovers, Partner, and Suzie Losanno, Senior Associate, assisted on the unwinding and related mergers and acquisitions transactions, and refinancing. Suzie noted that the transaction involved complex negotiations and dispute resolution. The outcome was that MinterEllison helped the organisation gain control and refocus its operations.