Providing community legal education

Expanding the role of the pro bono lawyer – embedding climate transition and environmental factors in commercial decision-making.

For National Water Week 2022, HopgoodGanim Lawyers and Caxton Legal Centre partnered to deliver the Justice in Focus: Water Stories series ( Through interviews with guest speakers Joe Hedger, Andrew Gissing, Bill Mitchell, Julie Brook and Naomi Moran, the five-part series explored multi-disciplinary responses to environmental disasters and climate change in Australia, particularly in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The series raised awareness about the importance of land and water management, disaster planning and response and human rights during disaster events. By sharing the water stories of our guest speakers, we are hoping to better understand our current responses and preparedness for environmental disasters and to generate discussion and promote positive change in policies that will uphold human rights across all actions relating to people, land and the law.