Student Competition 2020

“Community” has been the overarching theme for the Law for Change Student Competition since 2018. A community brings individuals together and empowers them to work together in daily life, in pursuit of betterment beyond one’s self or group. The theme serves as a platform for potential collaboration and partnership across sectors, professions, generations, race, gender, and cultural identity.

For 2020, “Resilience” is the chosen focus. Resilience is the capability to respond, adapt and recover from challenges and adversities. Community resilience is the ability of a community to deal with internal and external disturbances and stresses while retaining its essence and to move towards a better environment, social and economic health and wellbeing. The Hong Kong community is facing enormous and unprecedented challenges: a pandemic, the widest wealth gap in 45 years, ongoing social and political unrest – building community resilience is especially important in these turbulent times.

Students are invited to develop projects that use the law to build community resilience. In particular, students are encouraged to find methods of collaboration within the community, especially in the areas of health and well-being, social cohesion and good governance.

Student Projects

Homecoming (Winning Team)

Homecoming aims to empower local homeless people in Hong Kong by enhancing homeless people’s knowledge of their rights and providing them with social and legal services.

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Employees’ Compensation Personal Injuries Network (Runner-up Team)

Employees’ Compensation Personal Injuries Network (“EC-PIN”) strives for easy protection of workers’ rights to injury compensation.

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Save Our Restaurants (Runner-up Team)

The Save Our Restaurants (SOR) team provides a platform for tenants and landlords to have free mediation over rental issues under the covid-19 pandemic.

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WeDoCare (Best Potential Team)

WeDoCare aims to provide assistance for domestic abuse victims and raise general awareness towards the issue of domestic violence in light of the escalated occurrences since the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Freelancer Matters

Freelancer Matters is a project that aims to provide legal assistance and empowerment to the long neglected group of freelancers in Hong Kong.

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L-E-T’s BEGAIN aims to tackle the unfair treatment and exploitation faced by subdivided flat tenants.

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Domestalliance primarily aims to enhance the foreign domestic worker ("FDW") community’s resilience through empowering them to know and enforce their legal rights, with an ancillary goal of fostering a harmonious working environment between FDWs and employers.

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SUNGO Starter

SUNGO Starter is an innovative initiative aimed at empowering start-ups passionate to empower others. Compliance with legal requirements and inadequate attention to legal risks are often underlying impediments to running successful start-ups.

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Chan-yau Chong

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Azan Marwah

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Tracy Ng

Legal Mentors

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Anthony Pang

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Beaumont Yun

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Brian Wong

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Calvin Chan

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Charlotte Chan

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Chloe Chan

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Clarissa Watt

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Cordelia Yeung

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Dorian Tsui

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Eunice Lee

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Gilbert Cheng

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Janice Chew

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Joanna Ku

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Katherine Henzell

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Kelvin Ho

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Kimberly Ann Dasse

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Leo Li

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Lesley Cheung

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Mack Wan

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Madhu Krishnan

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May Poon

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Nicole Yeung

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Ray Wong

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Sean Ching

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Sharon Nourani

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Tracy Lee

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Wales Wang

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Wesley Wong

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Xuan Zhang

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Yvonne Siu

Law Firms and Corporates

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We thank these law firms and corporates for mentoring the student teams.