The Save Our Restaurants (SOR) team provides a platform for tenant and landlord to have free mediation over rental issues under the covid-19 pandemic. In particular, they provide practical, efficient and creative solutions to the tenant and landlord to establish a sustainable business for both parties. The proposed project is a 18-month long program and is divided into 5 stages. Team SOR will recruit law students, law graduates or other suitable individuals as volunteer mediators, to serve to benefit the tenants and landlords in need at large.


  1. To help existing small and independent restaurant tenants in Hong Kong to survive by offering to act as a mediator between them and the landlord on the rental issues; and
  2. To find common ground and provide win-win solutions between restaurant tenants and landlords in relation to issues relating to rent.

Team members:

  • Chan Yin Cheung, City University of Hong Kong
  • Chen Yipin, City University of Hong Kong
  • Cheng Hoi Ki, City University of Hong Kong
  • Lam Tsun Fung Alex, City University of Hong Kong
  • Wong Ka Yi City University of Hong Kong

Read the full proposal here.