WeDoCare aims to provide assistance for domestic abuse victims and raise general awareness towards the issue of domestic violence in light of the escalated occurrences since the outbreak of COVID-19. They hope to create a strengthened community for people who have experienced domestic violence in which they can receive long-term support for recovering from their unpleasant experiences.


  1. To empower victims through the knowledge;
  2. To provide victims a platform to seek help from social workers and lawyers;
  3. To provide legal training for social workers regarding the legal problems that might be faced by domestic violence victims; and
  4. To raise awareness of the public towards domestic violence.

Team members: 

  • Fung Sze Wing Esther, The University of Hong Kong
  • Lee La Hey Linelle, The University of Hong Kong
  • Lo Kwan Yee Jessie, The University of Hong Kong
  • Mok Kai Hin Matthew, The University of Hong Kong
  • Wong Chi Long, The University of Hong Kong

Read the full proposal here.