• Trainer for Hungary: Szilvia Gyurkó
  • Trainer for France: Kathleen Taieb
  • Trainer for Romania: Mădălina Botină
  • Trainer for Belgium: Eva Gangneux


  • Project Coordinator for PILnet: Giulia Patane


This webinar will look at the challenges and experience in the use of training tools for legal aid and pro bono lawyers to maximize the capacity-building effort of CSOs.

One of the main objectives of the CLEAR-Rights project is to build the capacities of legal practitioners for the provision of tailored child-friendly free of charge legal assistance to children suspected or accused of crimes. However, the jurisdictions covered by the project have very different needs and face different challenges, which required an adaptation of the capacity-building effort to tailor the training tools to the various landscapes.

Therefore, CLEAR-Rights developed a training programme and adapted it to the national contexts of Belgium, France, Hungary, and Romania, where face-to-face training sessions for lawyers working with children suspected or accused of crimes were conducted.

This webinar will examine the experience in developing tailored tools to support the capacity building of legal practitioners in Belgium, France, Hungary, and Romania. It will examine reflections as well collected at the training sessions conducted in the above-mentioned countries.

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