Apply by August 24

In collaboration with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (“HKCSS”), PILnet will pair pro bono lawyers with HKCSS member organizations to review or develop their governance documents. This year, we are calling for 20 to 25 teams of pro bono lawyers to participate in this project. Each team of lawyers will assist one NGO to either develop a governance manual or review and revise their Articles of Associations.

The Project Scope

Option 1. Develop a governance manual

  • Document the NGO’s current governance structure, governance procedures and policies, and code of ethics
  • Provide pro bono legal advice on the governance manual according to the needs of the NGO and compliance requirements of relevant laws and regulations
  • Draft a working timeline according to the NGO’s work plan

Option 2. Review and revise the Articles of Association

  • Revise the NGO’s Articles of Association according to the latest Companies Ordinance and the organization’s current governance practices
  • Follow up on the review of the Articles of Association with the governmental departments (ie. Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department)
  • Draft a working timeline according to the NGO’s annual general meeting schedule

Each team of pro bono lawyers should have at least one Cantonese-speaking lawyer.

Please contact [email protected] to express your interest with the following information by
24 August 2020.

The names and contact information of the responsible lawyers and supervising partner for each team;

  • Indicate the Cantonese-speaking lawyer(s);
  • Any relevant experience in assisting NGO(s) with similar projects;
  • Any preference on the project scope.

Interested law firms may send more than one team of pro bono lawyers.

We are currently recruiting NGOs at the same time. PILnet will notify the successful law firms about the result, the NGO, and the project in early September 2020. Upon conflict clearance, PILnet will match the pro bono lawyers and the NGOs via email in September.

Each team of pro bono lawyers will have to send at least one representative to attend an online briefing session conducted by HKCSS and PILnet, and a kick-off session to meet with the NGO, both of which will take place in September 2020. HKCSS and PILnet will announce the format of the briefing session and kick-off session while remaining vigilant of the current COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong.