Introductory ESG Course

The demand for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria in investing has seen exponential growth in recent years. The ESG trend and the incentives it creates for businesses and investors provide unique advocacy opportunities for CSOs to influence institutional investment policies and corporate behaviors with unprecedented efficacy and precision.   

Realizing that many CSOs may not be aware of these trends and the opportunities they offer, PILnet and ISHR are convening an introductory webinar, conducted by DLA Piper aimed at providing a basic overview for CSOs and activists to increase their knowledge about the ESG criteria and allow them to identify possible opportunities and gaps in their advocacy strategies.

The training will provide an overview and context of ESG as a current phenomenon, outlining the opportunities it offers for civil society to foster social change, advocate, and influence businesses in contributing to positive social change and respect for human rights in the context in which they operate. 

This course will provide an initial understanding about implications ESG may have on the strategic design of CSOs’ advocacy actions, enabling them to better identify needs and opportunities. 

This course is meant for members of civil society, whether organized (NGOs, CSOs) or individual activists, community organizers, human rights defenders and supporters of civil society. No prior knowledge or experience in ESG is assumed.

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