Regulation of Cryptocurrency & NFTs in Baltic Countries

Register today for this webinar on May 31 at 3pm EEST to better understand the opportunities and risks involved with cryptocurrency and NFTs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

There is an increasing number of charities across the world that have started accepting cryptocurrency as donations, including UNICEF and the Salvation Army. New platforms like The Giving Block and DoinGud are helping nonprofits to raise funds with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”).

This webinar will:

  • Provide general information about the cryptocurrency and NFTs;
  • Provide a brief overview of legal regulation of blockchain-based technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania;
  • Identify successful projects using cryptocurrency and NFTs to fundraise for good;
  • Help CSOs understand the fundraising process and regulatory requirements; and
  • Recommend best practices for CSOs to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Registration is open until May 30.


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Agneta Rumpa

Senior Associate, Sorainen
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Aija Lasmane

Counsel, Tax & Customs, Sorainen
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Associate, Sorainen
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Gerda Skirbutienė

Counsel, Sorainen
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Hetti Lump

Counsel, Sorainen
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Senior Associate, Sorainen


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Legal Consultant, Steptoe

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