As part of its “Business and Human Rights: Arbitration” project in Russia, PILnet is organizing a Moot Arbitration Competition  on 11-12 November 2021 in Moscow. Hosted in partnership with arbitration experts in Russia and the larger region, this is a 2-day event for Russian law students who have previously participated in PILnet’s “Business and Human Rights: Arbitration” online course and online clinic in September 2021. The participants will get a chance to consolidate the acquired knowledge on practice. 

Two weeks before the moot the participants will be provided with the case materials so that they can prepare for the pleading rounds in advance. The cases for hearings will demonstrate the public interest implications which may arise in arbitration and examine how public interest could be protected. 

On Day 1, the participants will attend a mooting skills-building workshop that is supposed to prepare them for the hearings on Day 2. The workshop will be held by legal practitioners focusing on arbitration who will share their experience on argument presentation. 

On Day 2, the participants will apply those skills and deliver arguments as claimant and respondent. After two rounds, a winning team will be selected by the arbitrators.

The event will be held in English.