Question #8

8. Our organization had booked flights and hotels to attend events which have NOT been cancelled, but our staff do not feel comfortable proceeding with the plan, are we able to cancel the flights and hotels and claim the cost from travel insurance if we cannot get a refund?

  • Generally, the cost of a voluntary cancellation will NOT be recoverable from an insurer. Insurers categorize this as “disinclination to travel”. 
  • You should check the terms of your policy to confirm:
    • what causes of loss are recoverable – does it include voluntary decisions not to travel; 
    • if the insurance has a “disinclination to travel” clause which explains that voluntary cancellation is not recoverable. 
  • You should contact the airlines and the hotels first to discuss refunds before contacting insurers in the case of a voluntary decision not to travel. If the airline / hotel will not offer you a refund for a voluntary cancellation, they may allow you to reschedule the booking for a later date, which may be a better outcome than cancellation and no refund.