As we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, there is no better time to reflect on the urgent need for climate action. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, “Ecosystem Restoration,” highlights the critical role we all play in safeguarding our planet. To help address the climate crisis, PILnet, in collaboration with the Australian Pro Bono Centre, launched the Global Pro Bono Climate Action Portal. This platform showcases inspiring case studies from around the world, demonstrating how legal professionals are utilizing their expertise, experience, and resources to combat the climate crisis. The portal is a call to action for lawyers, NGOs, and concerned individuals alike to join forces and make a difference. 

PILnet aims to facilitate the creation of strategic partnerships and collaborations between the private sector and civil society contributing to environmental justice. We recognize the danger of climate change and environmental degradation and aim to shed light on the power of pro bono in relation to the climate crisis. Your participation will go a long way in understanding your views on the usage, hardships, and understandings around pro bono support for environmental and climate work. 

For the survey for lawyers, click here.

For the survey for NGOs, click here.

We are breaking down why you should get involved below.

The climate crisis demands a collective effort from every sector of society, including the legal profession. As we approach World Environment Day, let us seize the opportunity to engage in ecosystem restoration and fight for climate action. PILnet’s Global Pro Bono Climate Action Portal provides an invaluable platform for lawyers to showcase how they utilized their skills and resources to create meaningful change. By subscribing to our newsletter, joining the pro bono network, and sharing case studies, we can inspire, inform, and unite the global legal community in the battle against the climate crisis. Together, we can restore our ecosystems, create a more sustainable future, and protect the planet for generations to come. 

Subscribing to the PILnet Newsletter: One of the first steps you can take to engage in climate action is by subscribing to the PILnet Newsletter. By doing so, you will stay informed about PILnet’s various programs and events, including updates related to their work on climate action. The newsletter will keep you connected to a global network of legal professionals committed to driving change.

Joining the pro bono network: By subscribing to PILnet’s Global Clearinghouse, you gain access to a comprehensive list of available pro bono opportunities. This network enables lawyers to contribute their skills and time to address the climate crisis effectively. Whether it’s providing legal advice, analyzing  legislation, or representing environmental organizations, your expertise can make a tangible impact.

Submitting a Case Study: If you have used pro bono work to combat the climate crisis, PILnet encourages you to share your experience and insights. By submitting a case study, you can inspire others and contribute to a growing collection of success stories on the Global Pro Bono Climate Action Portal. Your story has the power to motivate both lawyers seeking avenues to make a difference and NGOs searching for ideas on how legal professionals can help tackle climate change.

Join the movement for climate action today.