PILnet sees immense value in connecting law students who have innovative ideas with experienced legal practitioners who can mentor, guide, and encourage them as they formulate practical ways to incubate their ideas in the legal sector. The Law for Change Student Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from legal mentors’ invaluable experience and expertise. The legal mentors who participated in previous competitions not only played a crucial role in contributing to the success of the competition, they also found the experience both inspiring and personally rewarding.

Become a legal mentor!

Please contact us to express your interest by 24 August 2020.

Commitment and Role

The competition lasts for five months, from October 2020 to February 2021. PILnet will pair finalist teams with legal mentors. Legal mentors are expected to meet with their student team at least four to five times throughout the competition, to set expectation, refine project research and design, develop the project proposal, prepare the pitch, and debrief. PILnet strongly encourages legal mentors to provide students with advice and feedback throughout the competition and develop a relationship with their respective student team beyond these meetings. Students are recommended to update the progress and discuss with their legal mentors regularly.