On June 20th, PILnet assisted in administering the second Hong Kong Pro Bono Roundtable of 2023, a hybrid event hosted by Skadden and featuring speakers from The Swire Group Charitable Trust. The event, at which over 25 law firms and 6 in-house legal teams were represented, was moderated by retired Skadden partner and PILnet board member Alan Schiffman. It provided an opportunity for the Hong Kong legal community to gain valuable insight into the legal needs and challenges faced by NGOs, from a funder’s perspective.

The Swire participants kicked off the meeting by highlighting the Trust’s thematic focus on education, marine conservation, and the arts. They also outlined their due diligence process for the organizations they support, which places an emphasis on organizational governance, financial health, and sustainability. This was followed by a moderated Q&A session and wider discussion among Roundtable members, which stressed the key role that lawyers can play in meeting the legal needs of the NGOs they work with. The meeting ended with PILnet sharing the top key legal needs in 2022 requested by Hong Kong NGOs through our Asia Clearinghouse, as well as an overview of our Legal Health Check service and the newly-launched CLIX platform.

” The Pro Bono Roundtable provides a valuable platform for promoting and enhancing pro bono work, facilitating the sharing of experiences, and fostering a deeper understanding of the pro bono landscape in Hong Kong. Solicitors, in-house teams, and funders play a critical role in this landscape, and it is important for us to learn more about each other’s work and explore new opportunities for collaboration. By working together, we can make a greater impact and create positive change in our communities.”

Alan Schiffman, Retired Partner, Skadden, and PILnet Board member