About the Project

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EMpower – Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Prevention Campaign aims to empower ethnic minority communities by enhancing their understanding of domestic violence, and encouraging potential victims to seek help. The project will conduct a series of legal workshops to train ethnic minority community members as ambassadors in disseminating knowledge to their peers; and will create a mobile application providing relevant legal information and serving as a tool for victim identification.


Team Members:

  • Chong Yip Fung Vincent
  • Lo Ting Hei Christine
  • Tsang Hiu Chun Selina



Their original idea is to have a workshop on legal issues about domestic violence to train ambassadors of a Pakistani community, together with an app for the purpose of domestic violence assessment and showing useful resources. Some part of the original proposal has been changed as the implementation starts.

  1. Engagement
    From their meetings with NGOs, they have learnt what are the best ways to engage the EM community and what are their needs. Accordingly, they re-adjusted their approach. There will be one website platform who will serve as the provision of information on domestic violence assistance, and harmonious family relationships, and other information on Education and Social Welfare in Hong Kong.
  2. Curriculum
    The first stage of the “curriculum” development will focus on the website content, before it is moderated into lesson plans and be adapted to workshop. The outline includes what is a family conflict, how to deal with family conflict (include some emotion education), and what are the available social welfare and legal resources when domestic violence happens.
  3. Showcase their project at 2020 PILnet Virtual Global Forum
  4. Publication of Leaflet
    They have recently published a leaflet with tips on family and spousal relationships in Urdu and English.

To learn more about their projects, you may contact EMpower