About the Project

Legal Initiative for Refugee Empowerment (LIBRE) identifies and addresses the access-to-justice needs of refugees in Hong Kong by developing a comprehensive know-your-rights guidebook and website. LIBRE also fosters constructive dialogue among refugees and local youths through organizing awareness talks in secondary schools in Hong Kong.


Team members:

  • Law Kwan Pui Paul, The University of Hong Kong
  • Liu Jingru Vicky, The University of Hong Kong
  • Tse Mei Ying Gabrielle, The University of Hong Kong



  1. Recruitment of student volunteers
    22 students were eventually recruited to join the project, and they are divided into five groups to work on a specific topic (which has been assigned after consulting the students’ preference). The participants conduct independent research on the subjects, and design the guidebooks under the supervision of the executive committee members.
  2. Connect students, the legal professions, and NGOs
    LIBRE has successfully connected participants with the legal profession and NGOs to fight for social justice.
  3. Legal Guidebooks
    The legal guidebooks for refugees have received review from NGOs and Lawyer in the year 2019, and are now pending further amendments. They aim to publish and distribute to the NGOs working for asylum seekers and refugees in 2021.
  4. Showcase their project at 2020 PILnet Virtual Global Forum 


To learn more about their projects, you may contact LIBRE