About the Project


OUTLET (Outreach Legal Talks Initiative) is an innovative project that provides free talks delivered by law students directly to underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. OUTLET aims at enhancing social justice and equality through empowering the needy and preventing legal problems from arising. Under the supervision of legal professionals, law students designed their own talks and delivered the materials to groups in community centres.

OUTLET’s components are:

  1. Outreach We need to bring information from the online platforms directly to the affected community, and explain in plain language
  2. Train the Trainer Cost Efficiency Effect Lawyers have limited time for pro bono legal talks; OUTLET instead invites them to train law students who are in the course of their legal studies and are more available to deliver the talks
  3. Interactive Social workers educates students about community needs. Discussion and interaction with the audience during the outreach talks have a further empowerment effect for OUTLET participants

Founding Members:

  • Hansika Agrawal
  • Kim Soyoung
  • Veronika Kramar Mandelj
  • Yuen Man Yiu


  1. Developing educational materials
    Two stream of materials and talk were developed: (1) elderly stream, and (2) subdivided flat tenant stream.
  2. Talks and project design
    Project OUTLET was able to hold 8 talks in total with 4 partner-NGOs as aimed in the target output, and the two talks held at each NGOs were held with one week gap between them to facilitate modification and added information as planned in project design. The team has partnered delivered three cycles of talks, more than 200 participants has attended the talks.
  3. Regular program
    The team is coordinating its forth cycle of talks with the help of newly recruited project directors and students volunteers. The project is becoming a regular program for law students at HKU.
  4. Experience sharing at 2018 PILnet Global Forum
    The team was invited to at the panel “Law Students as a Change Maker” to talk about their projects, their competition experience and the challenges they faced along the way.
  5. Showcase their project at 2020 PILnet Virtual Global Forum 


To learn more about their projects, you may contact OUTLET