Student Competition 2017

The theme for the 2017 Law for Change Student Competition was Equality. Equality is commonly understood to mean equal treatment, with people being given the same resources and opportunities. Equal treatment, however, may not necessarily result in equality, because people live in different circumstances, face different challenges and have different needs. Equality encompasses equal treatment as an ideology, a codification of the idea, and the actions that address these specific circumstances. Student teams built projects that demonstrated how the law can be used as a tool to achieve equality.

Student Projects

Outreach Legal Talks Initiative (Winning team)

OUTLET aims at enhancing social justice and equality through empowering the needy and preventing legal problems from arising. Under the supervision of legal professionals, law students designed their own talks and delivered the materials to groups in community centres.

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Equalising Rights of the Intellectually Disabled in the Context of Access to Justice and Political Participation

This project focuses on safeguarding and equalising the rights of the intellectually disabled, in particular to ease their access to justice and promote political rights that lack progression in HK and are often neglected.

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Abandoning: Scavengers or Trash

What Are We Abandoning: Scavengers or Trash is a project that aims to resolve the conflict between scavengers and hawker control officers in Hong Kong.

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Community Mediation Clinic

Community Mediation Clinic aims to provide alternative dispute resolution service to under-resourced populations as a means to increase access to justice and therefore promote equality.

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Mobile App Just Law – Your Pocket Legal Assistant

Just Law aims to improve users’ – of the mobile app – access to legal information and allow them to get a better understanding on their legal rights and options, and to make more informed decisions.

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Nutri-Care seeks to tackle inequality of knowledge through education; the aim is to empower youths with the knowledge and awareness of food labels necessary to improve their access to healthy food.

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Raees Baig

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Justice Bokhary

Court of Final Appeal Judge
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Robert E. Precht

President of Justice Labs

Legal Mentors

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Davis Polk

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Alan Leong Kah-kit

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Janie Wong

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Kay Chan

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Anita Leung