Community Mediation Clinic aims to provide alternative dispute resolution service to under-resourced populations as a means to increase access to justice and therefore promote equality. Specifically, the project will provide regular and community-based mediation clinics to lower-income and educated populations living in under-resourced areas of Hong Kong.

The components of the project includes:

  1. Liaising With Partners District Councillors and local NGOS/free legal advice serves refer clients
  2. Completing Case Management Team reviews the case and does case management in preparation for mediation
  3. Organizing & Conducting Mediation Services Team organizes and conducts the mediation service


Team Members:

Tang Chuen Ngai, Matthew, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tan Ning Sang, Jessica, The University of Cambridge
Chow Tuen Ting, Tiffany, The University of Hong Kong
Kwan Kei Yan, Rhoda, The University of Hong Kong
Kobayashi Lui Yukiko, The University of Cambridge

Read the full proposal here.