This project focuses on safeguarding and equalising the rights of the intellectually disabled, in particular to ease their access to justice and promote political rights that lack progression in HK and are often neglected.

The components of the project includes:

  1. 1. Information Site An interactive tool to educate the public of the current situation of access to justice by the intellectually disabled and related provisions, case studies and comparative analyses
  2. Online Advice Forum A timely platform for the intellectually disabled to seek legal advice, especially on how to deal with the court proceedings and delivery of witness statements
  3. Training Scheme An incentive to attract professionals, law students and NGO as helpers to run and sustain the online advice forum
  4. Outreach Program A series of public lectures and talks, as well as the distribution of pamphlets and holding booths on the streets to increase awareness among the general public and the intellectually disabled. To gather greater support for the legal changes and reforms to political rights protection of the intellectually disabled


Team Members:

Ho Hiu Ching, The University of Hong Kong
Law Yuen Shan, The University of Hong Kong
Tang Wai Ching, The University of Hong Kong
Woo Hiu Ching, The University of Hong Kong

Read the full proposal here.