Student Competition 2018

Community brings people together. Community can be viewed as a concept – a way to bring people together.  It can also be viewed in a physical sense – as a grouping of people with certain commonalities and shared identities, including but not limited to shared geography and environments, shared occupations, shared ethnicities, shared interests, shared struggles, and shared beliefs and values. Community can unite people in a dynamic environment to promote diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging. It serves as a reminder of our connectedness to each other, to our fellow peers and neighbors, and to our fellow Hongkongers.

Community empowers individuals towards collaboration, cooperation, and cohesiveness in our daily lives and in our pursuit of things beyond ourselves. There is comfort in joining existing communities, and fluidity in the creation of new communities. Communities become stronger not because they can merely co-exist with one another, but because community members can come together to build a society that is sustainable and resilient. Communities are meant to grow, develop, and evolve, and to celebrate both our differences and similarities.

“Community” has been selected as the overarching theme for the Law for Change Student Competition for the next few years.  As the theme is wide and all-encompassing, PILnet has asked students entering the competition to think about “Community” both as a concept and as a grouping of people.  Every year, students are asked to develop their projects based on a particular focus within the theme of “Community”.

For 2018, the focus within “Community” was “Family”.  In the context of human society, a family is a group of people related by blood (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage or other relationship) or co-residence.  Families in modern-day society take all shapes and forms, and we encouraged students to interpret the term themselves in the broadest possible manner.

Student Projects

EMpower (Winning Team)

EMpower – Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Prevention Campaign aims to empower ethnic minority communities by enhancing their understanding of domestic violence and encouraging potential victims to seek help.

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Legal Initiative for Refugee Empowerment (Runner-up Team)

LIBRE identifies and addresses the access-to-justice needs of refugees in Hong Kong by developing a comprehensive know-your-rights guidebook and website.

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Make-A-Will Hong Kong (Runner-up Team)

Make-A-Will Hong Kong promotes the general awareness of the importance and formalities of making a will.

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Breastfeeding – A Choice? A Right!

This project aims at empowering breastfeeding mothers and improving the environment for breastfeeding.

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Children Care All-In-One

Children Care All-In-One intends to launch an online platform matching child care service providers and service users in order to address the lack of childcare support for Hong Kong families.

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Hand In Hand Project – Against Child Abuse

Hand-in-Hand Project aims to raise awareness of children towards child abuse and encourages victims to speak up for themselves.

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Restorative Justice Family Clinic

Restorative Justice Family Clinic (“RJFC”) is an initiative aiming to introduce a new perspective to social workers in dealing with child abuse cases.

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Society Engaging Ethnic Minorities without Difference (SEED)

The SEED project intends to design a curriculum consisting of workbooks and workshops for secondary students, in which they will use modified classic fables to illustrate legal principles.

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EF-Lab (Education and Empowerment Connect Foreign Domestic Workers to Families) hopes to educate employers on foreign domestic workers’ (FDWs) basic legal rights.

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DomeHome seeks to serve as a coordinator to build an organized network with various NGOs advocating for FDWs’ rights, to ensure FDWs could reach out to NGOs that best match their individualized needs in an accessible manner.

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