This project aims at empowering breastfeeding mothers and improving the environment for breastfeeding.

The component of the project includes:

  1. Booklet: The booklet will cover common legal issues breastfeeding mothers may encounter when breastfeeding in public space and possible solutions or suggestions in dealing with such situations.
  2. Workshops: Workshops will be held to inform the mothers of their legal rights to breastfeed, as well as demonstrating the solutions to tackle the possible real-life breastfeeding barriers.
  3. Web-Based App: The app will provide comprehensive and accurate information of nursery rooms and related facilities to cater for the needs of breastfeeding mothers.

Team Members:

  • Lam Yin Sze, City University of Hong Kong
  • So Yee Ting, City University of Hong Kong
  • Wong Lok Yiu, City University of Hong Kong


Read the fill proposal here.