PILnet Clearinghouse Отчет 2019

05 June 2020
В этом году PILnet помог 141 НПО установить партнерские отношения с 92 юридическими фирмами в 48 юрисдикциях по всему...

Пособие по практике pro bono

01 January 2015
Pro Bono Handbook «Пособие по практике pro bono» призвано помочь вашей юридической фирме создать эффективную программу юридической помощи pro...

Enabling Civil Society: Practical Aspects of Freedom of Association (In Russian)

26 February 2012
PILnet (then Public Interest Law Initiative), Moscow,  2003 The source book comprises a collection of writings that address issues critical to...

Problems of Legal Aid in Central and Eastern Europe (In Russian)

29 January 2012
PILnet (then Public Interest Law Initiative), Interights, Bulgarian Helsinki Committe, and Polish Helsinki Foundation, 2003 The book represents a...

Access to Justice and Subsidized Legal Aid (IN RUSSIAN)

30 November 2010
PILnet (then Public Interest Law Institute), Moscow, 2010 This book comprises a collection of writings that address major issues...

Who Defines the Public Interest? (In Russian)

30 June 2005
Edwin Rekosh, PILI Papers No. 1, PILnet (then Public Interest Law Initiative), Budapest, 2005 This is the Russian translation of...

PILnet Исследование Pro Bono практики в регионе Евразия 2019

PILnet ведет целенаправленную работу по развитию практики pro bono – оказания бесплатной юридической помощи в общественных интересах – в...


This section contains resources curated by PILnet and various partners in support of individuals, NGOs, and CSOs seeking legal advice on issues affecting them.  The resources offer expert guidance on registering a CSO, opening an organizational bank account in new jurisdictions, as well as how to comply with sanctions, how to accept donations in crypto currencies or NFTs,  pro bono work helping to tackle the climate crisis, legal information for forcibly displaced people, and much more. 

All resources

Climate Action Portal

The Global Pro Bono Climate Action Portal, created by PILnet and the Australian Pro Bono Centre, features a regularly updated range of case studies from around the world that highlight the different ways lawyers are using their experience, expertise, and resources through pro bono work to help tackle the climate crisis.