Anastasia Kumaritova (2013)

Moscow , RUS
Anastasia Kumaritova is the legal work executive at the Russian branch of the Evolution and Philanthropy Company (U.K.). Anastasia conducts seminars and trainings for legal professionals working in both domestic and international NGOs in Russia. She analyzes current and proposed legislation regarding non-profit sector regulations for submission to relevant governing bodies, and provides legal counsel to the organization. She also works with the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, preparing legal advice and opinions for bills up for adoption by the legislature. Prior to her work with the Evolution and Philanthropy Company, Anastasia was a lawyer with the Victoriya Children Foundation. She received an M.A. in jurisprudence and a Ph.D. in non-profit law from the All Russia State Tax Academy of the Russian Federation Ministry for Taxes and Dues. As a PILnet International Fellow, Anastasia will develop a project to improve legislation governing the non-profit sector in Russia.