Anton Burkov (2002)

Moscow , RUS
Anton Burkov is the deputy director of Management Systems International. In this capacity, he manages the Mainstreaming Human, Social and Civil Rights Program’s “I've Got Rights” project, which seeks to create and support the conditions and political will to sustain the observance of human, social, and civil rights in Russia. The project operates in Voronezh, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Perm. Anton also chairs the European and Comparative Law Department of the Russian State University for the Humanities and serves as a legal representative in numerous cases before national courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Prior to his work with Management Systems International, Anton worked with the Russian State University for the Humanities. He also served as a staff attorney with Public Association Sutyajnik, in Yekaterinburg, an organization that promotes the protection of human rights in Russia, particularly in the area of labor rights. As a member of NGO Urals Center for Constitutional and International Human Rights Protection of the NGO Sutyajnik, Anton received the highest legal prize in Russia, the FEMIDA Award, “for contributions toward the creation of a democratic society and the development of state legal institutions.” As an expert on the Russian legal system, he has authored numerous publications, including: Konventsiia o Zashchite Prav Cheloveka v Sudakh Rossii (The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in Russian Courts) (2010), “The European Convention for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Russian Legal System” in Leonard Hammer and Frank Emmert (eds.), The European Convention for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Central and Eastern Europe (2012), and The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Russian Law (2007). Anton received a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, an LL.M. from the University of Essex, a candidate of science degree from Tiumen’ State University, and a law degree from the Urals State Law Academy. As a PILnet International Fellow, Anton worked on a project to establish a human rights NGO in Russia to litigate cases focusing on minority issues with the goal of bringing domestic legislation up to international human rights standards.