Daniela Mihaylova (1998)

Sofia, Bulgaria , BGR
Daniela Mihaylova is legal director of the Bulgaria-based organization Equal Opportunities Initiative Association, where she works on programs related to Roma rights, equal access to justice and public services, and the prevention of rights abuses. Daniela has fifteen years of professional legal experience in the field of Roma rights and equal opportunity, with particular expertise on anti-discrimination and human rights law at the national and international levels. She has extensive experience litigating cases related to rights protections that are mandated by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Bulgarian Protection Against Discrimination Act, conducting policy research, and participating in cross-border exchanges concerning the Roma in Bulgaria and in Europe. She received her law degree from Sofia University. As a PILnet International Fellow, Daniela developed a project to develop a street law clinic in law schools that would educate non-lawyers about their legal rights.