Diana Miladinovic (2004)

Belgrade , SRB
Diana Miladinovic has more than ten years of experience protecting human rights, women’s rights, and combating discrimination. She has been deeply rooted in this work in Belgrade, where her professional and academic career has been based. Diana is currently completing a master’s degree in international humanitarian law and human rights at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Science, where she focuses on European Court of Human Rights standards for protecting LGBT rights. Prior to her master’s-level studies, Diana worked with the Ombudsman’s Office as a project manager on a pilot project entitled On-line Ombudsman, which included collaboration with ten local authorities and libraries around Serbia in order to increase the visibility of the Ombudsman’s Office and improve citizens’ access to the Ombudsman through video software. She also served as the sole legal practitioner with Labris, a feminist and lesbian rights organization, and worked for nine years with the Autonomous Women’s Center (AWC), where she was one of the co-founders and the coordinator of a legal group inside AWC, Justicia. In this role, Diana managed the group’s provision of pro bono legal aid for women victims of gender violence—including legal advice and counseling and the representation of victims in court—as well as the maintenance of a statistical database on Justicia’s clients and cases. Diana has a law degree from the University of Belgrade and a degree in gender studies from the Center for Gender Studies, also in Belgrade. As a PILnet International Fellow, she developed a project to promote collaboration between NGOs and the relevant state institutions dealing with violence against women, including the courts, the prosecutor’s office, the police, social workers, and medical institutions.