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Foreign domestic workers (“FDWs”) have long been an integral part of the Hong Kong workforce since the late 1970s. However, inequality in bargaining power often puts FDWs at risk of exploitation with regard to their employers and agencies, a problem which is especially severe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These problems mainly originate from (1) existing service gaps provided by NGOs and (2) FDWs’ and employers’ lack of awareness towards legal rights and responsibilities. In response to the status quo, Domestalliance primarily aims to enhance the FDW community’s resilience through empowering them to know and enforce their legal rights, with an ancillary goal of fostering a harmonious working environment between FDWs and employers. To achieve this, Domestalliance positions itself as a middleman in the current ecosystem, fills existing gaps and engages different stakeholders (mainly NGOs and FDWs) via initiatives such as a one-stop-shop website, social media, community talks and NGO support.