Elena Romanyak (2010)

Voronezh , RUS
Elena Romanyak has been working as Project Coordinator at the Anti-AIDS Center in Voronezh where she focuses on addressing the legal challenges faced by those served by Center. Elena works in partnership with local governmental, non-governmental and human rights advocacy groups to advance the projects of the Anti-AIDS Center. Elena remains active in her community, serving as Chair of the Board to the Russian Harm Reduction Network - a non-profit partnership based in Moscow - and as Deputy Chair of the Board to the Public Chamber of the City of Voronezh, an entity that represents the public interest before local authorities. Elena has been an active participant in the development and monitoring of legislation and government actions that empower civil society in Voronezh and is a graduate of Voronezh State University Faculty of Law. As a PILnet International Fellow, Elena investigated best practices of HIV/AIDS advocacy and prevention organizations in the US that can be implemented by Russian organizations combating HIV/AIDS.