Gambhir Singh Air (2009)

Dhanghadi , NPL
Gambhir Singh Air recently established Justice for All along with PILnet International Fellow Sarmila Shrestha and six other public interest lawyers. Justice for All provides legal aid to citizens in need in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Dhangadhi. Gambhir is based in Dhangadhi, where he provides legal aid to poor and marginalized women. In addition to his work with Justice for All, Gambhir is secretary of Public Interest Law Advocacy and Litigation Nepal (PILAL). PILAL was established and is run by the PILnet International Fellows of Nepal; the organization aims to advance human rights in Nepal through litigation and advocacy and works in close partnership with PILnet. Prior to co-founding Justice for All, Gambhir served as a legal advisor for the Rastriya Dalits Network (RDC), an advocacy group committed to raising awareness among and for the plight of the Haliyas group in the Dalit community. He had a wide range of responsibilities at RDC that included advocacy and lobbying, legal representation and counseling, organizing educational sessions and trainings, and editorial work on RDC’s newsletter. Gambhir began his legal career with the Legal Treatment Center in Dhangadi, where he managed cases and provided free legal advice to indigent clients, particularly women and children. While at the Legal Treatment Center, Gambhir was also involved in human rights education trainings and mission trips focused on human rights violations. Gambhir continues to support the Legal Treatment Center as a volunteer lawyer. Gambhir also worked with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), supporting its work protecting refugees and internally displaced persons in Nepal. As a local expert, he was actively involved in many legal and project management activities of NRC. Gambhir graduated from the Nepal Law Campus of the Tribhuvan University in 1995 with a specialization in company law and holds a general law degree from the Kathmandu Campus of the Tribhuvan University. As a PILnet International Fellow, Gambhir focused his research on effectively advocating for the social inclusion of the historically disenfranchised Haliya communities in Nepal.