Gopal Nath Yogi (2007)

Nepalganj , NPL
Gopal Nath Yogi is the executive director of the Bheri Environmental Excellence Group (BEE-Group) and the vice-president of Public Interest Law Advocacy and Litigation Nepal (PILAL). PILAL was established and is run by the PILnet International Fellows of Nepal; the organization aims to advance human rights in Nepal through litigation and advocacy and works in close partnership with PILnet. Gopal’s work with the BEE-Group includes fact-finding on violations of human rights, public advocacy and policy analysis on human rights and humanitarian issues, and public interest litigation on human rights issues. In April 2011, Gopal obtained a court judgment halting the distribution of anti-elephantiasis drugs in Nepalgunj, Nepal, after the drugs resulted in nine deaths and 700 injuries around Nepal. Gopal was able to achieve this in part by gathering organizations such as the BEE-Group and the Dalit NGO Federation to support the claim. As a PILnet International Fellow, Gopal developed a project on the human rights situation of internally displaced persons in Nepal.