Izabela Konopacka

Izabela Konopacka is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and English Philology at the University of Wrocław, Vice-Dean of the District Council of the Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wrocław and a member of the Foreign Committee of the National Council of Legal Advisors. In 2022 she was elected as the President of FBE. In her practice, she mainly deals with cross-border cases, especially those involving the element of Anglo-Saxon law (i.e. "common law"), as well as European Union law. She is a firm supporter and advocate of continuous learning, education and new technology in law. She is a defender of human rights and unequivocally committed to equal opportunities and encouraging newly qualified lawyers at the start of their career. She graduated from Wrocław University with a Master’s degree in law and an MA in English. Currently, she is working on a PhD at Wrocław University, Department of International and European Law, She is the author of numerous publications on common law, new technology law and fashion law. Another aspect of her work includes representing clients at European courts such as the European Court of Human Rights, and also providing consulting services for Polish businesses wishing to expand and develop their activities overseas.