Judit Geller

Senior Legal Officer
Judit Geller is a Senior Legal Officer based in PILnet’s Budapest office. Judit is an experienced human rights lawyer who has been leading strategic litigation and legal advocacy challenging human rights abuses and discrimination of Roma in Europe. Prior to joining PILnet, as a senior lawyer for the European Roma Rights Centre, Judit represented victims of discrimination at domestic courts, at the European Court of Human Rights and UN Treaty bodies, focusing on advancing equality and access to justice for women and children. Working as a senior legal officer at PILnet, Judit is engaged in promoting pro bono legal practice in Europe and developing and implementing pro bono projects with the view of using law to bring social change and making law work for all, including the most excluded and vulnerable. Judit holds a Master Degree in Law, an LLM in Children’s Rights, and a BA in Public Administration and is admitted to the Budapest Bar of Hungary.