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L-E-T’s BEGAIN aims to tackle the unfair treatment and exploitation faced by subdivided flat tenants. Most of them have little legal awareness and bargaining power compared to landlords. As litigation is timely and costly, pre-contractual negotiation is the key to protect tenants’ interests. Through our project, we hope to reach out to a wider range of subdivided flat tenants by both traditional and innovative approaches in light of the technological advancement and the pandemic. Our vision is to bridge Landlords and Tenants together through Enthusiasts including NGOs, legal practitioners and law students so that we can all GAIN from this project.  Our project is specifically structured in light of this year’s theme of “community resilience” - through this self-sustainable project, we hope to tailor service to tenants’ and NGO’s existing service gap and build a strong community where various stakeholders’ basic needs are respected and fulfilled.