Lasha Maghradze (2005)

Tbilisi , GEO
Lasha Magradze heads the Bureau of the Chairman of the Supreme Court and the Judiciary Working Group at the Criminal Justice Reform Council in Georgia. Prior to this, he served as coordinator of the Penitentiary System Monitoring Group at the largest NGO in Georgia, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA). Lasha’s duties at GYLA included analyzing information and reporting on financial and human rights violations within the Georgian penitentiary system and communicating results with other NGOs and public councils. He also supervised the process of accumulating information by the GYLA program staff, planned and arranged media coverage and public campaigns on violations, and provided the prison administration with recommendations. Lasha received his law degree from Tbilisi State University Law School in 2002, specializing in criminal law and criminal procedure. As a PILnet International Fellow, he developed a concept paper on reform of the Georgian penitentiary system.