Lin Lihong (2003)

Wuhan , CHN
Lin Lihong is director of the Center for Protection of the Rights of Disadvantaged Citizens (CPRDC), Wuhan University, China. She is also a professor at the university's law school. There she specializes in administrative law, including administrative reconsideration law, administrative litigation law and state compensation law. Ms. Lin also worked as a volunteer at CPRDC for many years, supervising the law school's students in answering inquiries, writing legal documents, representing litigation and non-litigation cases and defending the rights of the poor and disadvantaged. As a PILnet International Fellow, Lin worked on a project concerning the role of NGOs in the provision of legal aid. Upon returning to China, she continued her work with CPRDC, in cooperation with relevant local and international NGOs, to further protect the rights of disadvantaged groups and to promote the construction of a Chinese legal aid system.